About me


Boris Mosafir (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

I became interested in shibari in the summer of 2009. I saw the pictures and fell in love with shibari.
As well I became interested in photography and in the spring of 2011 began the organizing of photo exhibition “Captured beauty” dedicated to the shibari. It took place in the St. Petersburg center of culture “Red Flag” in the February of 2012. It was the first Russian shibari-exhibition and it was visited by 2500 people in three weeks. 13 photographers and 12 riggers took part in the exhibition.
After the exhibition I decided to do shibari- activities on the more professional level.
The specialist store for shibari was opened ( www.ropeshop.ru ) .
As well the school for learning shibari was established (www.ropeschool.ru). In addition to the regular courses in St. Petersburg I give workshops in many russian city and Europ: Tallinn, Riga, Torino, Paris, Rome, Helsinki, Kiev, Kishineu.
A creative team “Karada”, which gives shibari-shows and performances, was organized. (www.karada.su)
I develop information resources which tells about both shibari in Russia and around the world (www.shibari.su and https://vk.com/sibari).
Currently I organize tours and classes of European shibari artists in Russia and many events: RopeFest, RopeDay, BondageCafe, NawaYoi, Fetish Faculty, RopeNight.
I participated in many events: parties, exhibitions, festivals and other events. Among those that I would like to emphasize are BoundCon (Munich), X-Show (Moscow), eS.EXpo (St. Petersburg), TattooFest (St. Petersburg), XXXX Fetish Party (St. Petersburg), Japan Night (Tallinn), RopeFest (St. Petersburg), Rope Addiction (Rome), Shibarica (Francfurt), London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage (London), BDSM Carnival (Moscow), Moscow Knot (Moscow).
I am fortunate to work with such excellent models as Elena Merieru, Helga, Irina N., Aliya, Alexandra Ishemia, Kristina Veres, Valentina R., Cervata, Anna J., Glafira V., Yana Sinner. Daria Danina, Victoria Ravkina and others.