Whipping workshops

1. Basics. Introduction to impact play

Workshop description:
1. Theory.

  • Different whipping techniques according to the purpose of whipping
  •  Different whipping techniques according to the types of whips
  • Safety
  • Types of whips
  • Co-operation during whipping
  • Different results of whipping
  • Beginning and ending of session, aftercare

2. Practice:

  • Bottom’s body posture during whipping, fixation techniques
  • Top’s body posture during whipping
  • Using different whips
  • Different types of strikes according to the whip, body posture and purpose of the session
  • Speed, rhythm and strength of strikes

3. Analysis, Q&A

2. Practicing the technique of using the whip

Workshop description:
1. Introduction into the devices of flagellation (Flagellation (Latin flagellum, “whip”), flogging, whipping or lashing is the act of beating the human body with special implements such as whips, lashes, rods, switches, the cat o’ nine tails, the sjambok, etc)
2. Different styles of flagellation
3. Practice:

  • Posture of the top
  • Holding the whip, choosing the right strength of strike, movement of the whip
  • Practice to achieve the perfect strike
  • Practice with flogger
  • Practice with snake

4. Analysis, Q&A

3. Advanced flagellation techniques.

Workshop description:
1. Whipping from two hands:

  • using two floggers alternately
  • use of two floggers at the same time
  • use of different devices (alternation)
  • “Florentine” technique

2. Additional techniques whipping a long whip:

  • roll forward
  • roll over

3. Once again about the goals of flogging and how different techniques help to achieve these goals.

4. 4. Analysis, Q&A